Coaching Technigues

Financial Health Coaching will help you to get your arms around your current financial condition and make wise choices that will lead to financial freedom.

Life Strategies Coaching takes a close look at how you allocate your time and energy across all areas of your life.  Learn simple organizational techniques to maximize your time.  The key to moving your life in a positive direction is to make choices that align with your vision.  Life coaching will show you how.

Health Consulting is a process of reviewing your overall health to determine which traditional and holistic methods will support your healing process.  The objective is to become empowered to manage your own health issues with the support of qualified professionals.

Spiritual Coaching will guide you on a journey of self-discovery to understand why you are here and map out the steps for uncovering your personal power.

Coaching Techniques

Our Financial Health Coaching Program will help you to:

Financial Coaching
  1. Lower the stress with proven techniques for managing your financial life.

  2. Get your arms around debt and spending so that you can sleep more easily at night.

  3. Understand viable ways to create a secure future.

  4. Create greater streams of income to achieve your future dreams.

Proven techniques for managing your financial life.

For most of us, we did not learn effective techniques for managing our financial lives.  Our society has taught the majority to leave our financial futures up to the companies we work for to provide retirement benefits for us or up to the government to allocate social security benefits to all who ‘put in their time’.  But times have changed.  It is no longer wise to turn over our financial futures to others.  We must take ownership. 

Learn the techniques for managing your own financial life and establishing a secure future.  These common sense techniques are easy for everyone to understand. 

Dissolving the Debt forever!

Debt is a stressful vehicle for increasing spending power and only leads to an endless stream of poor decision-making.  It is time to get your arms around your finances and create spending power that moves you up the ladder and not down into financial ruin.  In this coaching session, you will learn how to eliminate your debt using proven techniques.  You will also learn how to change your perspective on spending and saving, so that you avoid the pitfalls in the future. 

Create a Secure Future.

Our population is growing and growing.  The needs of the people are endless.  It is not a wise plan to expect our Government to secure our financial futures.  Taking steps to ensure our own financial futures will help you to sleep better at night and enjoy your life to the fullest.  Take the time now to see the critical components of a secure future and take the steps to ensure it!

Create streams of income to support your dreams.

Personal financial plans that rely solely on labor-intensive jobs will provide a certain level of security for a limited time.  People are living longer, which means that we need streams of income that continue well into our later stages of life.  Begin now to see how you can create passive income so that when you can retire, you can continue to see streams of income that carry you through a long, satisfying life.


Our Life Coaching Program will help you to:

  1. Strengthen your organizational skills to help you make better use of your limited time.

  2. Improve your communication skills so that you will consistently have a more positive influence on the important people in your life.

  3. Sharpen your negotiation skills to create more positive outcomes in your career, as well as your personal life.

  4. Learn proven techniques for achieving success in all areas of your life.

Strengthening your Organizational Skills

This 2 hour session focuses on the importance of staying focused on your most critical priorities and avoiding the pitfalls of procrastination.  You will learn proven methods for “organizing the piles”, finding things quickly, effective follow-up to eliminate “ball dropping” and setting short and long-term goals that get results.

Communication Skills

This coaching session teaches you the important dynamics of verbal, as well as non-verbal, communication.  Understanding the impact of perception on every communication will help you to avoid communication breakdowns and conflict.  In this session, you will learn to convey your messages more clearly and improve your listening skills, leading to more productive outcomes.

Techniques for Total Success

Have you spent a good part of your life wondering when the big breakthrough will come?  In this coaching session, you will discover the techniques for making your dreams a reality.  You will learn the lifelong triggers that set energy-draining reactions in motion and develop new success anchors for creating more effective results.  Discover the limiting beliefs that have held you back and create expanding beliefs that can lead to big changes in your life. 

The Coaching Process

Your coaching program will be customized and designed to address your most critical life issues.  The number and length of sessions will depend on your specific needs and timetable. During each session, we will incorporate tools that will enhance the learning and growth process.

Our Health Coaching Program will help you to:

  1. Identify the root causes of the imbalances in your physical system.

  2. Understand the impact of negative emotions on your body and well-being.

  3. Develop a detailed plan for healing that is easy to incorporate into your daily routines.

  4. Increase your energy and vitality, making it easier to maintain your optimum weight and manage all the demands of a busy life.

Identifying Root Causes

Your body is a sacred vehicle for your Spirit. Maintaining your body requires a holistic view of your life. What you eat, how much rest you get on a regular basis, the kind of exercise you engage in and who you interact with all have tremendous impact on the body, just to name a few. Sifting through holistically will help to narrow down to the root causes of your health issues.

Impact of Emotions

Treating any form of physical illness requires the understanding of how negative emotions can compromise the health of our entire physical system. The human body is an extraordinary configuration of moving energy, which holds the story of our life. When illness or disease manifests in our physical system or specifically in one of our organs, it can be directly related to unresolved emotional issues. 

Every physical illness can be traced back to an emotional issue that is brewing below the surface.  Bringing these issues into the light and gaining new perspective will move the heavy energy that is weighing down your physical system.

Consider the connections:

Heart disorders
Can be traced back to loneliness, sadness and failed relationships.

Digestive issues
Linked to the inability to ‘swallow’ or process stressful life issues.

Reproductive disorders
Linked to identity issues and the inability to demonstrate natural creativity.

Developing a Health Plan

Many people struggle with maintaining good health simply because they don’t have a plan.  If your health is a priority, putting a simple plan in place will give you the traction you need to continually improve your health and well-being.  You will start out taking baby steps to incorporate some very critical new habits into your daily routines.  These habits will become natural and easy, leading to bigger changes over time.   Health is a life long process.  Temporary fixes will only keep you on a roller coaster ride.  Having a personal, customized plan that works for life will bring you the success you have always hoped for. 

Increasing Energy and Vitality

As we get older, one of our biggest challenges is to find the energy to keep up with all the responsibilities of our lives.  As our metabolism slows down, we struggle to keep the weight off and keep the energy up.  Understanding the simple steps for stimulating your metabolism will bring back your energy and vitality at the most important stage of your life.

We all have an essential inner value that is unique and priceless. It is our destiny to find and live the fullest expression of our own unique nature. In order to live our true purpose in this life, we must learn to believe in the guidance of our own spirit.Spiritual growth is a process. If you are ready to heal the old wounds and discover the creativity and uniqueness of your own soul, Spiritual Mentoring and Intuitive Healing can support you on your journey.

Our Spiritual Coaching Program will help you to:

Spiritual Coaching
  1. Take charge of your life and restore a healthy balance between the physical, emotional and spiritual parts of you.

  2. Learn powerful techniques for connecting to divine guidance.

  3. Clear emotional baggage to release your unlimited creativity.

  4. Discover your Soul’s purpose for this lifetime and learn techniques for manifesting your dreams into reality
Spiritual Coaching

Restoring Balance

Most of us can easily see when we are out of balance.  Few of us know how to get ourselves back into balance. The first step is to see the reality of how you are spending your time and energy in any given day. This evaluation will lead to choices that will positively impact your life routines and open up spaces for creating more balance.  Before we can see change, we must create the space for change.

Connecting to Inner Guidance

Our society teaches us to look outside ourselves for answers. And so we embark on an endless search through books, tapes, workshops and anything else that might have our answers. These tools are extremely helpful, but how do we know which ones to choose? Learning how to connect to your own internal guidance will position you to make the choices that make the most sense for you.  Through this process, you will learn to ‘walk in the spirit’ and not just touch in on occasion when things get out of control.

Clearing the wounds of the past

Dwelling on the past cannot lead us to the future we desire. But it is ever so important to release energy that is trapped in past memories, so that we can use this precious energy to move forward. The techniques used during the spiritual coaching sessions to clear the trapped energy are quick and lasting.  Almost immediately, you will see a noticeable change in how you feel about yourself and your life.

Discovering your Purpose

Deep inside, we all feel that we have a reason for being alive. Something important to do. But what is it? During this session, you will discover that the mystery is not really a mystery at all and that who you really are has always been known.

Manifest your Dreams!

How do we bring our most important dreams into our reality? During these sessions, you will see that there is a formula for manifestation that will bring amazing results.